Snapchat now recognizes your snaps and provides you with relevant filters that fit your picture.

It uses the integrated object recognition, a technology that identifies objects in your snap. For example, if you take a picture of food, Snapchat will provide you with slogans like, “what diet?” and “get in my belly.”

By taking a picture of a dog, Snapchat will suggest the filter, “IT’S A PAWTY!”

“The filters began gradually rolling out to users last week,” a Snap spokesperson confirmed Mashable.

You don’t need to update your Snapchat for this new feature. The filter will appear automatically in the user’s carousel of filters after you click a picture of certain objects/things like food, pets, sports, concerts, and beaches.

You can even unlock these filters by capturing those pictures you found online.

One more thing!
A new redesign is also in the works!

So enjoy its fun filters, be creative and wait for what’s coming next!

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