It seems like everyone wants to jump on the facial recognition bandwagon.

Looks like Snapchat is also working on the latest feature that uses facial recognition to automatically generate Bitmoji.

A new patent application made public Thursday but filed by the company last March, represents a procedure that uses facial recognition tech for “automated avatar generation.”

The patent describes a process that would let the company use smartphone cameras to detect parts of users’ faces and automatically fill in other characteristics, such as hairstyle, skin colour, and more on the basis of collected data.

The filing doesn’t particularly name Bitmoji or any of Snapchat’s features, but it does make one reference early on to “animated and cartoon image” avatars.So it might be for the Snapchat’s famous avatar feature.



The filing noted that there are multiple services existing that attempt to generate avatars automatically. What sets Snapchat’s idea apart, according to the company, is that the procedure they explain is completely automated.

However, it seems like users would still be able to make their own tweaks after the process.

“After generating the avatar, the application may present buttons enabling the user to save the avatar, manipulate or customize the avatar, generate another avatar, and generate additional graphics using the avatar,” the patent says.

“The additional graphics may include digital stickers, emojis, animated bitmap images, and other graphics which may be shared with other users by including the graphics in messages or other communications between client devices.”

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