Snapchat’s Older Version might be Finally Coming Back!

Snapchat’s latest Redesign and people’s response to the major update

The latest version of Snapchat’s redesign was not welcomed by many users. This redesign of the app rather became a controversy. The latest version of Snapchat featured an algorithmic sorted feed, as well as focused on boosting Instagram app and twitter growth, which shows stories of the people you’re most likely to see or chat with, on the top. This attracted new Snapchat users as there was some growth seen by the company in its latest quarter since the update.

But the fact that many users were resentful of this update did not keep them from voicing their dislike towards it on social media. Even Kylie Jenner shared a tweet of her not being fond of Snapchat anymore due to the update.

The classic chronological order is something everyone misses. It worked for pretty much everyone. Heavy users liked this order as they wanted to watch stories at the moment they were relevant rather than hours later. The algorithmic feed only helped the new comers who talked to a handful of people and kept their Snapchat usage light.

Does the Redesign have Anything to do with Instagram app and Twitter?

Another feature of this update was to promote business and public Snapchat accounts. This would help boost Twitter and Instagram growth. The introduction of Instagram app stories similar to those of Snapchat caused the daily active users growth of Snapchat to fall from 17% to 3%. However, the new algorithmic sorted feed helped revert the rate and new users started joining the platform after the update.

Is Snapchat’s older version coming back?

Reverting the feed back to chronological order might not be the best for new users of the app and could affect the app’s growth as well. This is why Snapchat might have decided to prioritize engagement of more casual users.

A petition was signed by over 1,250,000 people demanding a redesign of the application. Snapchat initially ignored the feedback, but some users have reported seeing the Stories feed revert to the classic chronological order, rather than the algorithmically sorted feed recently.

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