It is a constant debate about whether the benefits of using social media are overtaking the disadvantages of using social media platforms or not. Social media is a digital form of communication which let people get connected with each other online. People, companies, almost everything can be accessed online through just a few clicks. Getting connected through social media application is like a fantasy these days! People constantly engage themselves taking selfies and pictures and posting them on various social media platforms to get appreciated and admired. Any person who is not using social media tends to be called an outdated person who does not follow the latest trends!

Always remember there are two sides of the coin! Any tangible and intangible object we have or we access has certain pros and cons. For instance, a knife can be used in the kitchen to cut fruits and the same knife can be used to kill any person! Using social media has its own benefits and drawbacks that need not be taken for granted.

What makes social media addictive?

One of the most admirable benefits of installing social media applications is they encourage and enable to approach our friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, etc. who are living far apart. You do not have to wait for days and hours to wait for the letters and emails. You can call, send text messages or voice notes in a few minutes. Social media has shrunk the wide distances and brought the people from all over the world belonging to various culture and values together.

Secondly, social media strongly welcomes the young and amateur youth as well as adults to express their talent, the online applications enable the students and young professionals to showcase their stuff and approach to the experienced people online. Various companies have social media pages and groups they use for advertisement and making strong public relations. Even brands highly admire bloggers and influencers who promote their items, as views, likes, shares, tags and other relevant activities boost the customers and stimulate their business growth. Online shopping pages on Facebook and Instagram can be an optimum example. Apart from this, people, especially students work as freelancers on social media pages and groups to make pocket money and earn for themselves. Henceforth, social media offers a versatile and diverse business platform where business and related activities can be done smoothly to make money.

Turning towards the other side!

Now there is a need to flip the other side of the coin. As social media has shrunk the long tiring distances, it has widened the gap between the relations too. Numerous researches and case studies have been done by students and professionals to work on smart gadgets and their impact on the relationships. Surprisingly, children and youth tend to talk to their parents and relatives more on social media. They rarely give time to each other directly. Secondly, people get more obsessed with posting pictures and making vlogs, despite properly working to produce quality stuff. Thirdly, the authenticity of the content is doubtful. The implementation of the gatekeeping theory is out of the question!

In addition to this, the social media forum is one of the optimum platforms for business connectivity and building healthy public relations, social media users equally become the victim of fake accounts, pages, and spammers. This may lead to a leak of data, personal information and even misuse of data. Social media creates a room for the fraud workers to disturb the privacy and security of people.

Social media application has brought everyone closer together. However, social media is the main factor which has let people glued to their gadgets. It is up to the marketers how they portray the use of digital devices to the public. Media can also play a huge role in reflecting a positive image of social media. Above all, individuals should also analyze themselves and their behavior towards others.

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