England should be on the top of the list because this place has a lot to offer. From beautiful countryside to incredible beaches, England has to be a must-visit. Scroll down to find out some reasons why it should be on your list:

The coastline is remarkably impressive

This place has the most jaw-dropping shoreline. It also has many seaside towns bursting with charm.

The lakes will make your jaws drop

With lakes glittering with the pearls of sun rays and surrounded by hilltops and mountains, it’s certainly impossible to not praise the majestic beauty of this heavenly place.

There’s a sense of history all around

Though England is small, it’s packed with history and it is well-known in the whole world. Whether it’s a visit to the incredible Tower of London, a walk around the ruins of ancient castles, discovering prehistoric Stonehenge or visiting the Victorian village of Saltaire, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

England really knows how to party

It seems that England needs no reason to party as the place knows well how to party.  From street parties for the Queen’s birthday and the old-school charm of Henley Regatta, to the world’s best music festival – Glastonbury – and the lively, colorful Notting Hill Carnival, you have every reason to be lively and party.

The people are awesome

England is the perfect and balanced blend of wicked humor and polite friendly nature.




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