Sony gained major media attention at last year’s E3 as it announced their plans for developing a Spider-man game exclusively for the PS4.

At this year’s E3 they didn’t disappoint the eager fans with their demo. The game is similar to Rock Steady’s Batman : Arkham series however the two differ on the main character’s abilities.

Insomniac’s creative director, Bryan Intihar, had explained that they’ve created their own spiderman universe for the game. However it is said to still be respecting of the original spiderman universe. They’re trying to make it into something new but not so unfamiliar that it doesn’t seem connected to the original franchise at all.

They’re said to focus their demo on the absolute best story lines in the Spider-Man world, which occur when Spider-Man’s life collides with Peter Parker’s.

“This is a story about the man behind the mask as much as the man in it. Expect to see a lot of Peter in this game,” Intihar says.

They’re trying to protect the legacy of the original movies. And according to them Peter Parker’s identity is crucial part of that. In the game, Peter has been spiderman for the last eight years so he’s comfortable in his role however he’s still a 23-year-old trying to figure out the best ways to do good.

They talk about the web-slinging, saying that they aren’t a natural occurrence, they’re built by Peter. And in this game, his tech skills come into play as well. Seeing Spidey swinging through New York will definitely bring back memories for people who played the Spider-Man 2 game in 2004.

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