Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Sony launches its ‘true 4K’ projector that costs just $5,000

Sony launches its ‘true 4K’ projector that costs just $5,000


Buying a true 4K projector can be difficult since many brands’ displays have lower resolution and they use technology like pixel shifting or special processing to cover up the missing dots. Sony’s SXRD technology has delivered the promised 4K (4096 x 2160) pixel but until now have been extremely expensive. That changes with the VPL -VW285ES just revealed at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego, a true 4K and HDR projector that has a price tag of just about $5,000.

Well, that value may not seem cheap as compared to Optoma’s $2,000 UHD60, but last year’s new Sony projector still costs $15,000. Obviously, if the price isn’t your major motivation, Sony has step-up VPL-VW385ES model for just below $8,000 that has an advanced iris to enhance contrast and detail in dark areas. Or you could go for its other latest 4K projector, the compact VPL-VW885ES with a laser light source capable of 2,000 lumens that has a price tag of $25k.

The company is also partnering with Kaleidescape for a bundle offer of 10 free movies in the Kaleidescape store. You’ll be required to bring your own Strato 4K player to watch them and buy both anytime between now and the end of March, but that should be simple.


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