In the league of gaming consoles, Sony PlayStation 4 is in the lead. The PS4 has sold over 63.3 million units by June 30th, and this is what that puts Sony in the lead.

In fact, PS4 has doubled in sales as compared to its closest rival, Microsoft Xbox One. Though Microsoft, now, doesn’t report its number of sold units, it’s estimated that Microsoft has sold nearly 30 million units of Xbox One.

In the last financial quarter, Sony has sold around 3.3 million units of PS4. While another competitor in the league, Nintendo Switch has just sold a total of 4.7 million units in the course of its whole lifespan, from March 1 to June 30. The company estimates that it’ll sell around 10 million units in its initial year. While Sony is anticipating to sell 18 million units in the same time period.

There are several factors that are responsible for the Sony’s PS4 sales boom:

  1. The PS4 was the less expensive console as compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One.
  2. The PlayStation 4 is an attractive box that comfortably adjusts within your home, and using it as more than a game console is a snap.
  3. A lineup of killer blockbuster games, from “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” to “Horizon Zero Dawn” to “Bloodborne,” made the PlayStation 4 a must-have console. All three of those games are only playable on PS4.
  4. Success generates success — the PlayStation 4 has overtaken the world of the gaming console, making it the only ‘console’ to come in mind while purchasing.

Though Sony’s exclusive game list isn’t full of bangers in the back half of 2017, an extraordinary collection of main exclusives is currently in the progress. And if you’re want to enjoy more 4K content on your new 4K TV, the PlayStation 4 Pro allows an upgraded way to even attractive games.

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