Mobile World Congress, the biggest and the most awaited exhibition for the mobile industry is just a week ago and everyone has marked their calendars already. The exhibition will also feature some very prominent executives from all around the world representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners.

Like every other giant brand in mobile industry, Sony too has something in store to launch and make official in this event. With what looked like a mysterious teaser, Sony showed us all a minimal glimpse of its new phone which it will introduce at the event. The clip is very short and its quite impossible to predict anything at this point of time.

The video shows a hand and a bunch of ripples cascading down onto it from above. This very short clip of only a few seconds lasts with the date of MWC event hinting that the product will be launched at this event.

People are still guessing how the new phone would be like. For now let’s all wait for the great big launch.

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