The display size of phones is increasing as the time is going forward. Initially, the ratio was just 16:9. It became longer and reached 18:9 and currently the commonly observed display size is 18.5:9 or 19:9. But what Sony Xperia XZ4 is coming up with is huge and longer than others.

According to the reports of this month, Xperia XZ4 is working on a 21:9 display ratio. This will be a concern for the screen protectors’ manufacturers too. As they have to assemble their supplies as per the displays and trends running in the market. The smartphones will be considered as the ‘tall’ devices, completely distinguish from others.

The Front Side of Sony Xperia XZ4:

They are most likely to be introduced as without notch display. The small hole that will be at the top of the phone will probably for the notification. Because even increasing display size requires the basics. This light will be placed at the top left of the phone, And the same top area will have further ports or cutouts for other accessories and sensors. The camera will also be a part of the top bezel where earpieces will also be somewhere there.

Basically, Sony Xperia XZ4 is not just focusing on the larger display size, but also on the essentials. With this larger display, the concern for screen protectors and covers is already resolved. According to the reports, manufacturers have reconfirmed about such accessories.

The Rear Side:

The rear side will be supported with a triple camera, that is known from one of the screen covers’  manufacturer. These cameras will be installed in a vertical manner where the LED will be at the top of all. The 3.5 mm audio jack is not a part of Sony Xperia XZ4. The bottom of the phone has certain other features, the speaker, USB Type-C port and a mic.

Moreover, the phone is supported by a volume button, fingerprint sensor, power key and camera shutter at its right side.

The entire report is based on the display of the smartphone while other specifications are still a question.

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