Kaz Hirai, Sony’s CEO since past six years has decided to step down and welcome CFO Kenichiro Yoshido to take over from the next financial year.

Hirai, 57, helped Sony go through a major turnaround in his tenure. He dedicated himself to the iconic brand and entered its music business in 1984. He also played a pivotal role in the massive success of the Playstation.

Sony, the manufacturer of iconic gadgets like Walkman, once went kneedeep in trouble. It was Hirai who played the role of savior and saved the company from the hot water. By cutting 10,000 jobs, he stemmed the losses in Sony’s TV and smartphone business.

After this, he proved that Sony still had the tendency to bring out innovative gadgets like PlayStation VR.

One of his latest achievements was the relaunch of Sony’s artificial intelligence dog Aibo which stood out and grabbed all the attention in CES’18.

The decision was announced earlier today in his farewell speech as CEO in which he credited the CFO, Yoshida for helping turn around Sony’s finances in Hirai’s reign. Hirai will take the responsibilities as the chairman of the company while Yoshida’s CFO title will be given to the current mobile head of the company.

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