Sony’s CES Press Conference

Sony’s CES press conferences were known to make all the attendees go ‘woah’ but things were slightly different this year.

Sony’s CES Press Conference was a big sack of nothing this time, but something happened in the end which managed to grab the attention of gorged tech bloggers. The forever known techy ‘woah’ was pretty much of an ‘aww’ this year. And the thing turned out to be too cute to tech-le.

After the boring and exhausting 25 minutes of the conference, reps walked out on the other side of the rope with a pair of life-like robo pups named Aibo, into a fake living room space, which seemed to be Aibo’s natural habitat. Soon after the few seconds of its debut, it was clear in terms of mechanics, that this packet of wholesome cuteness has come a long way after its lost go-round.


Once you walk pass these amazing pups, you will be surprised by how real and attractive they are, wobbling around awkwardly with baby steps like a legit young dog. Despite being surrounded by many strangers, pups performed really well responding to a back scratch recognizing its master’s face. Aibo managed to even sit down upon his master’s command, which was something even really young pups fail to do most of the times.

The OLED eyes are also shockingly powerful. As various Furby reboots have shown us, that kind of thing can turn out badly, blowing past the uncanny valley into something considerably more profoundly stunning.

Japanese release pups

Now here comes the price, which is no less appealing than the lovely little pups. The pups are out for Japanese release which will cost you 198,000 JPY (~$1,735). And then there’s the $26/month service fee; which is I guess justified cause even your real puppy needs food and such.

Let’s just hope this batch happens to live longer than the previous ones.

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