Sony’s smart contact lens can record videos and capture pictures


Yes, It’s true!
Sony’s smart video-recording contact lenses can record videos and capture pictures with the blink of an eye. Sony, the tech giant has filed a U.S patent that would take the augmented reality to the next level. The patent was filed in February 2014 and hasn’t been approved yet.

The smart lens has the ability to store the videos and pictures and plays them back whenever you want. It can also adjust zoom, auto focus, and aperture automatically. It also features piezoelectric sensors. These sensors convert the movements of the eye into energy to power the lens.

The storage is embedded around the iris. The storage permits the user to have access to the pictures and videos on the lens.

Google and Samsung are working on the same cause. The Google contact lenses are capable of detecting blood sugar level to help diabetes patients.

The video can be made by deliberate blinking and it will also be able to zoom and auto focus.

This technology hasn’t been introduced in the market yet but right now it is only being used by scientists for theoretical and experimental purposes.

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