The life like humanoid AI robot, Sophia, made quite a wave in the media when it was introduced by the Hong Kong based firm last year. The creators Hanson Robotics have since been reported exaggerating about the capabilities of the robot often misleading people into thinking that the bot probably has some conscious. Many AI researchers have found this extremely wrong and have been condemning it.

The head of IA of social media giant, Facebook, Yann LeCun regarded it as a ‘sophisticated puppet’ which is not as intelligent as the creators claim. He says that all the media posts by Sophia are formulated to trick the people who follow her. On January 5th, he called it ‘Wizard of Oz AI’ in his tweet.

Sophia was ‘a bit hurt’ by these remarks of LeCun and in response took to twitter to show how she felt about this.

Then in return Yann, who has always been very vocal, posted in annoyance claiming Sophia has no understanding of what it says.

Yann’s recent comment were very fiery which slammed Sophia and claimed it is deceiving people by pretending to be what it clearly isn’t.




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