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Following Italy and a list of several countries, South Korea is accusing and tackling Apple for their deliberate and admitted throttling of old iPhones with iOS updates.

Apple, the IT and smartphone giant has never faced a controversy quite like this. Ever since they were accused and proved to be slowing down their phones performance with each update new functions, several individuals, organizations and state units have sued and lashed out against them. Apple was quick to apologize, reduced the price for battery changes and recently introduced an update to stop performance downgrading. However, the assault still continues with Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office being the latest to put Apple under investigation.

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Seol’s Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty claimed that Apple was merely slowing down their phones in order to force their customers to buy newer, more expensive iPhones. Apple even published an apology to make their intentions clear, justifying that they did so only for the phones to handle the latest iOS functions. This should have been expected ever since the iOS 10.2.1 was released in 2016 where Apple talked briefly about reduced shutdowns and battery management. It’s safe to say that Apple poorly handled the entire situation and should have admitted to battery throttling as something positive for future updates.

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