Credits: The Verge

For a test launch, Space X finally launched their Falcon Heavy rocket yesterday. The hyped launch was awaited by both Elon Musk’s, the founder of Space X, fans and space enthusiasts alike. Falcon Heavy will begin an extended orbit around the sun.

After testing out the rocket’s engine back In January, the test launch had to be delayed due to poor weather conditions. As a part of a joke and also because it was a test launch, Space X decided to put its sister companies newest creation, The Tesla Roadster, on the rocket. Think about that for a second! A car on a pathway around the sun which could take around a billion years! The seat of the Roadster isn’t empty, a dummy named ‘Starman’ sits in the car sporting a space suit developed by Space X.

Credits: CNN Money

The test was a complete success with both boosters of the Falcon Heavy landing on solid ground, a triumph in its own right! The 64-ton rocket is hoped to usher in a new era of space exploration and public access to space. Musk has huge plans for the future and Falcon Heavy along with Tesla’s recent success is shaping the world he has imagined.

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