Halloween is a holiday celebrated by both children and adults. It’s a holiday that is usually celebrated by Christians on October 31st. This holiday originally dates back to ancient times; The Celtic Festival of Samhain in which all the citizens would dress up in costumes and light a bonfire. Today, this holiday is considered to be an annual event where family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers get together and have a party. Streets and neighborhoods are decorated; some are turned into haunted houses while others carve out pumpkins and set those up in their gardens.

This event involves the tradition of, “trick or treat” in which children from all ages demand sweets, chocolate or snacks from every household. However, the highlight of this event involves dressing up in various costumes. In this event, you find adults and children dressed up as witches, ghosts, monsters, vampires, fairies, doctors, or princesses. At times many parties hold a dress-up competition and the one with the spookiest Halloween costume is the winner. If you want to win the competition this year but can’t decide which costume to wear; here is a list of the best spooky outfit ideas for Halloween 2019.

  • Relive the Purge horror

The horror movie released in 2013 was a classy super hit movie. Having trouble in dressing up and if you don’t want to wear a customer, make your own Purge inspired mask and pair it with a fake gun and knife. The mask will give you a spooky look and can give chills to anyone who will look at you.

  • Annabelle

Who hasn’t seen the movie Annabelle; this is the perfect costume for any girl or woman. Wear a medium-length white dress with knee length stockings. Style your hair into two braids and give yourself a makeover; red lipstick, black eyes, and of course, don’t forget to make the Annabelle expression.

  • The scariest clown in the neighborhood

Dressing up as a clown has already been done multiple times on Halloween, but this time, why not to dress up as a killer clown. Rather than wearing a multi-colored clown costume, wear a similar black costume. Pair it with a knife, decorate your face by applying a lot of white and black paint, finish off with a dark red lipstick.

  • Horror Princess

Want to dress up as a princess but at the same time add the element of spookiness, become a horror princess. Wear the same princess costume you want to dress up as, but apply some mud on your face, arms and legs. Untie your hair and make them messy, with some strands falling on your face. Apply some red paint on your dress, giving the blood effect.

  • Ice King or Queen

In this particular costume, you’ll have to master your make up skills. If you have any shiny sequences, use face glue and paste those on your face. Buy grey lenses for your eyes; finish them off with smoky eye makeup and pair them with a white lipstick. Make a crown out of cardboard and spray paint it with a silver hue, lastly, wear grey clothes and don’t forget to wear a cape.

  • Look spooky in leather wear

The evening of October 31st can be quite chilly; one can easily catch a cold, but wearing a sweater or a jacket can ruin the whole spooky effect. This time, compliment your Halloween costumes with leather jacket. A leather wear will not only keep you warm but give a very chic look. If you want to look scary, become the spookiest James Bond with a pair of leather jacket. Dress like the elegant James Bond but complete your look with a scary mask and wear a wig. Finish off the look with briefcase and a gun.

  • Create your own Halloween style

If you don’t want to have the James Bond look but would like to wear something warm, you can go for customize jackets as well. You can pick out your favorite design; personalize it by sewing sequences on it, attaching a cape or wings on it as well. For example, you can get a custom made motorcycle jacket and decorate your bike which gives a spooky effect. Or you can also get a Frankenstein customize jacket made. Get different patches sewed on it and select a color of the jacket which gives a dusty, old look, perhaps the ash grey color.  This way you would have made your own customized costume with a jacket to keep you comfortable in the cool weather.

  • Inspiration from The Nun

The thriller movie of 2018 was a blockbuster hit, disguising yourself as a Nun is the latest idea for Halloween 2019. All you have to do is find a white and black garment at home, you can use a thread; make a cross out of cardboard (if you have a real one, that is better). Remember to complete the look with makeup; black eyes, white paint or a lot of foundation and lastly, black lipstick.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton

You’re a couple who is ready for Halloween; you have bought your snacks, sweets, chocolates for trick or treat but can’t seem to decide what to dress up. The best idea is to pair up as a skeleton couple. The Skeleton ideas have become very old, but give an extra spooky effect by wearing a suit with a skeleton mask. Paint your face as a skeleton but finalize your look with a tie or hat and if possible, put on the spookiest colored lenses.

  • The scariest doll on the street

When one thinks of scary and doll, Chucky is the first character that comes to our mind. Dressing up as Chucky is very easy, all you need to do is buy a red haired wig. You can find a pair of denim jeans and a white and red shirt at home.  But the spookiest effect of your look will be given once you paint your face red (showing red scratches) and give that creepy Chucky smile to everyone who passes by.



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