In case you’re a Spotify client (and an iPhone client), there have presumably been endless circumstances you’ve shared a song with a friend through iMessage. The share button is simple and sufficiently instinctive on the Spotify application, yet the activity must be done inside Spotify and not the other way around. On the receiving end, once your friend gets the link, they have to leave iMessage, open Spotify, and then listen to the full song. Presently, you can share a song on Spotify while never leaving iMessage, because of the peaceful dispatch of Spotify’s new iMessage application, TechCrunch reports.

Unlike Apple Music’s iMessage app, where you can only pick from a selection of songs you’ve recently listened to, Spotify’s app allows users to search for any track within the Spotify catalog, and send a 30-second snippet of it within iMessage. To enable this option, go into your iMessage and open a conversation, tap the App catch on the left, and enable Spotify. Once you’ve done that, tap on the Spotify symbol, and start to look for the song you need to share. The individual on the less than desirable end of the message at that point gets a 30-second review of the melody and from that point, they would then be able to choose if your offer is deserving of them tapping out of iMessage and listening to the full song.

On the off chance that your friend is a Spotify endorser, they’ll just have the capacity to get to the review by empowering the application in iMessage also. This element will prove to be useful for people who get a kick out of the chance to share and tune into music through messaging. Because even if you have to leave the iMessage app eventually to access the full song, the 30-second preview should prevent at least a little app whiplash.


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