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Thanks to the smallest of dust particles – one of the enduring big screen moments of sci-fi movies; R2-D2 beaming a 3-D image of Princess Leia into thin air in “Star Wars” is coming to reality.

Scientists have finally figured out how to manipulate the unseen flecks in the air and use them to create incredible 3-D images. These images would be more realistic and clearer than holograms.

Source: Google Images

According to a study in Wednesday’s Journal Nature, the lead author of the study, Daniel Smalley presented the papers and said, “This new technology will be printing something in space, just erasing it very quickly.” For this case, scientists created a small butterfly that appeared to dance above the fingertip and the image of a graduate student imitating Leia in the Star Wars scene.

The device which was being used was about one-and-a-half times the size of the children’s lunch box, as described by Daniel Smalley. Keeping all sorts of holograms aside, this new technology is the closest to replicate that Stars Wars scene.

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This method would be one day very useful in guiding medical procedures, entertainment, and war (of course). However, it is still years away from daily use.

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