DesignBro entered the design market to fill a big market gap. The company describes itself as the world’s highest quality affordable design crowdsourcing marketplace, focused around a selected community of leading designers. 

The designers on the platforms are vetted. DesignBro’s team carefully selects who will be able to work on their client’s graphic design projects and, as a result, accepts only around 5% of all the applicants. 

The reason for this process is to make sure the designers can deliver top quality before they can compete for business in design contests. And they only allow a limited number of unique designs in each competition so choosing between the top designs is simple.

Why was the start-up launched?

This all sounds nice but what’s the purpose behind this startup journey? Why did the DesignBro team decide to take on this venture? The answer is demand. The demand for affordable quality design. Wait… was there no such thing available before? Let us explain how the market looked like before.

How did the design market look like before?

In the past, if you wanted an original and high quality, let’s say, logo design, you would have to either go to a design agency or a friend designer. Agencies, however, charge a fortune. But in return, you’d receive the best design your company has ever seen. But if you aren’t a top firm with a budget of thousands of dollars, this option would probably be crossed out straight away. 

So, what’s left is heading to a friend designer. Ideally, a very skilled one who would also offer a discount. But what if you don’t have a friend like that? This is where the stairs begin. In such a case, you’d have to decrease the quality expectations of your logo. Either you’d work with a bit less skilled friend or head online where there are plenty of affordable logo design platforms and resources. Those, unfortunately, don’t deliver work as good as those expensive design agencies or that skilled designer friend that you don’t have. 

In summary, the situation you would have faced in the past was: either pay a lot and have a great design, go to a skilled friend and have great design, go to a less skilled friend and have a worse design or head online for worse design. Basically, you couldn’t have a cookie and eat a cookie. 

The DesignBro team thought that this is a little bit ridiculous and has to change. Theoretically, you can easily get high-quality designs for affordable prices. There is both a demand for it as well as a supply of designers willing to work in such an arrangement. So why is it so hard in practice?

How will the design industry look like in the future?

Customers want high-quality design, done and delivered fast and for an affordable price. Most probably, the traditional expensive graphic design agencies will, therefore, cease to exist. They do deliver extraordinary designs that could rock the world, but the fees are too high and the process too long (sometimes can take months). Moreover, with the constant innovation in technology and wider access to it, most probably not only design but many other services will move online.

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