ConnectHear, a social entrepreneurial start up by Pakistani students, is a platform aimed at creating awareness about the deaf and mute community of Pakistan. The telecommunication company creates video content, sharing everyday phrases in sign language. The videos are aimed at bridging the communication gap between the deaf and mute community and the society by making it available for all to learn the basics of sign language.

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Posted by ConnectHear on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Azima Dhanjee, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ConnectHear, is a business administration student at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. She shares her motivation behind the start up. ‘Growing up, I saw my deaf and mute parents struggle with communicating with the outside world. I saw raw talent go unrecognized because of the barrier that is language. Using that as motivation, I have always wanted to create a platform to remove this communication gap and help the deaf and mute people reach their potentials,’ she says.

ConnectHear aims at providing sign interpretation services, both in person and through video call. The start up envisions developing an audio to Pakistan Sign Language software.

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Posted by ConnectHear on Saturday, April 28, 2018

ConnectHear recently grabbed international media attention when they, in collaboration with Habib University, arranged a concert exclusively for Pakistani’s deaf community. Strings, a Pakistani pop rock band, performed at the concert. Roughly 300 deaf individuals from Karachi attended the concert. The event was facilitated with sign language interpreters, special lightings and sound system.


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