Starzplay by Cinepax

Starzplay by Cinepax is managed by a selected team of highly experienced sales, marketing and media technology professionals in Islamabad, Pakistan. Starzplay by Cinepax utilizes advanced technology. To provide a premium viewing experience with full HD content sourced from some of the largest Hollywood and Bollywood studios.

What Is Starzplay By Cinepax?

Starzplay by Cinepax is a streaming site for the latest movies and TV shows in HD across multiple devices and is available in Pakistan only.

Enjoy more than 6000 hours of blockbuster Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids’ entertainment, and same-day-as-the-US series – plus dedicated Urdu and Bollywood content in full HD and 4K. Stream anywhere, anytime, and on multiple devices.

How did Starzplay & Telemart Create Alliance?

Starzplay by Cinepax and Telemart have come together for Telemart Blessed Friday Sale. It will be an amazing sale with exclusive brands, grand discounts, best-selling products and the deals of your dreams. And it’ll start from 20th November- 25th November. And Starzplay by Cinepax has come on board with Telemart for their grand sale.

What is Starzplay by Cinepax offering?

Buy your favorite product from Telemart Blessed Friday Sale and get a free voucher of Starzplay by Cinepax. Use that voucher and get a one-month free subscription of Starzplay by Cinepax worth PKR 300! What an amazing deal is that! Watch all your favorite movies, series, and shows, only on Starzplay by Cinepax!


Arif Baigmohamed, Chairman Cinepax Group, stated that:

“Our partnership with Telemart will enable customers to live stream top content from a number of different devices. ‘STARZ PLAY by Cinepax’ is a compelling business opportunity to provide a high-quality service for both the mass and premium market segments.”


Benefits To The Customers

Starzplay by Cinepax and Telemart coming together for their customers. It is a big step towards prioritizing their customer’s comfort and enjoyment. Getting a free subscription of one month worth PKR 300 is so exciting. Because, if I talk about myself, then I can watch all my favorite shows, dramas, catch up on the latest series while binge-eating.

Gosh. I cannot wait for Telemart Blessed Friday Sale and I cannot wait to try Starzplay by Cinepax. I’ll watch it all day long. It is the most thrilling thing that I’ve known about in a long time! And I know you are just as excited to use Starzplay by Cinepax as I am. So mark your calendars and get ready for Telemart Blessed Friday Sale, buy your favorite product and get the free voucher of Starzplay by Cinepax. Starzplay by Cinepax will make your boring weekend, the best one of your life!


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