In this rapidly evolving health problems era, people suffer from issues of damaged teeth and demand for tooth regeneration. A common question of a dentist’s patient is to do a medication, which will regenerate their teeth to the structure as before so that they can avoid all so-called painful procedure of root canal based on their past experiences.

The researchers managed to become successful in regenerating the damaged part of the tooth through a experiment explained in below parapgraphs. This solves the problems of tooth filling and undergoing painful procedures like root canal treatment.

Since many years the scientist is working on developing a cure for fatal diseases using the stem cells. Many diseases such as thalassemia can also be successfully treated through stem cell technique.

Finally, US researchers have succeeded in repairing tooth through the use of laser technology. The tooth consists of three layers whose hardness decreases with respect to the order of enamel, dentin, and pulp.  The hardest layer (enamel), which once destroyed by the cavity slowly encroaches the dentin, making its way into the pulp.

Until now it was known that teeth are unable to regenerate itself because the enamel cells only form once in a lifetime; however, the dentin is able to regenerate by the support of pulp but the pace is slow.

Process of Tooth Regeneration

A team of researcher belonging to thesis writing services in Pakistan accomplished this hefty and time-consuming task by using the available stem cells in the pulp to regenerate the tooth dentin in to avoid future dental procedures. They managed to perform a trial on a rodent’s tooth by drilling a hole in a tooth and then stimulating new dentin in the cavity. Astonishingly good results observed within 12 weeks of the test.

Stem Technique and tooth regeneration

Low power laser was used for five minutes during this procedure, which stimulated the stem cells in the pulp. The laser intrigues some of the chemically active, oxygen-containing molecules that following the relay, in turn, activates the growth factor, responsible for repair, development and healing process.

The researcher proceeded this tooth regeneration experiment on kid’s dead tooth by injecting pulp stem cells. This experiment was successful in reviving the dead tooth. The child started having sensations in that dead tooth because the stem cells revitalized the blood supply in the tooth.

The researchers accomplished tooth regeneration task by proving potential of stem cells and stimulating strong root development. It resulted in dual benefit for long term protection from cavities with effective repair system.

These master cells have accomplished repairing various tissues. The internal repair system of the tooth brought a revolution in dentistry to focus and extend. In addition, the use of stem cells to repair the oral tissues such as surgical procedures in cancer.

The next step these scientists are aiming is to tooth regeneration, which will create a whole new tooth. This will create a whole new shift in the future era of the dental world with  improvements through laser technology.


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