This Summer is going to be so Technomantic, Do You Know Why?

Because The University Of Central Punjab is going to organize a Tech Related Event Named as Summer Of Games, Wow this sounds Unique😲😲 Isn’t it?

Summer Of Games is joint Venture Of UCP Faculty Of Information Technology, UCP Game Design Centre and One an only IEEE UCP Student Chapter.

As they Mentioned in their Event

💻 This summer, Faculty of Information Technology, Game Design Center UCP and IEEE UCP Student Chapter has ventured to organize a workshop on “Summer of Games” and the acknowledged instructors are going to equip the students with knowledge of evolving and wonders of “Games Design and Development”.💻

They are going to make you able enough to create the fascinating games in future. IEEE UCP Student Chapter is providing the platform to learn, design and make the mark. So, Get ready to experience the wonders of “Game world”.Dwell in this and be distinguished in this field by mere learning from the top-rated speakers and ask freely the queries that you have, to them.

👉 Workshop Objectives:

The purpose of this workshop is to make one able enough to create a complete game from scratch. Why play other’s game if you can create your own?

🔔 What will you Learn?

✅ Game Ideation
✅ Story Telling
✅ Story-Boarding
✅ Game Development Tools – Unity 2D, 3D Games
✅ VR Vuforia, Blender
✅ Game Development Platforms and Advanced AR/VR Topics
✅ Mobile and Facebook Games development
✅ Game Art tools – Blender
✅ 3D Animation, Image Rendering, Adobe Illustrator
✅ Digital Drawings
✅ Game Monetization
✅ Publishing and Monetization
✅ Play Testing, Analytics and Iteration

👉 Game Design:

Game Design is typically for people interested in learning what the ingredients to making a great game are, starting from the ideation phase to story-boarding and wire-framing. What makes a game interesting, challenging or engaging?

👉 Game Development:

Game Development is for those interested in learning how to actually implement their game idea. What are the tools available to develop and program the game – this is for beginners or intermediate programmers who are looking to explore and learn the best practices, tools and techniques for developing their game for their chosen platform.

👉 Game Art:

Game Art is for graphic artists, general painters or people interested in learning how the art for games is developed, what are the tools available for them and how to use those tools to achieve the artwork and theme rendering for a successful game.

👉 Game Marketing:

Game Marketing is for people interested in the business aspect for games, i.e., how they can be monetized: which tools available for successful game monetization, what are the strategies for a successful game launch, play-testing your game, the iterative process to improve an existing game using player analytics and how to implement hooks for the collection of these game analytics.

👉 Speakers:

1. Ms Komal Syed ( Ed. M in Technology Innovation and Education from Harvard University, USA )
2. Mr Shibli Mansuri ( Worked with Mindstorm Studios, Carameltech and Tintash for 8 years )
3. Mr Ali Ayyaz ( Founder of UET Game Studio )
4. Waqas Abdul Majeed ( Technical Director at PixelBug )
5. Ms Nabia Mansoor ( Instruction Designer at Oxbridge )
6. Mr Muhammad Naeem Sabir ( Game Graphic Artist for 10 years )

Get yourself Registered ASAP as there are a limited number of seats and seats are given on first come first serve basis.

👉 Event Details:

Date: 26th July – 30 Aug 2018
Time: 12:00 AM – 01:30 PM
Venue: University of Central Punjab, Lahore

Click Here for the Event Link >> UCP Summer Of Games 2018

👉 Registration Fee:

. 20,000/- Complete Workshop
. 6,000/- Per Module


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