Pakistan is still / continuously busy to flourish its glory and efforts to improve its economic growth. One of the techniques is to improve the economic growth of the country. To maintain its tourism sector as well as infrastructure. When our country receives millions of outsiders and provides Airblue Ticket Booking by visiting the domestically Pakistan attraction sites, it becomes very beneficial for our land. As all know that Pakistan improved its tourism sector, but now, the country takes initiative to invite foreigners for foreign direct investment.

First this blog cleat to you about the foreign direct investment theme. Investment has different of a kind but the literal meaning of this direct investment is “foreigner investors come to another country for the purpose of enterprise. In another to constructs plants or company, in the form of buying property, though that it gives the employment opportunity to the country citizens”. Yes, Pakistan government had planned to invite the foreigner for the investment in our country. This is very strong decision which is very beneficial for the economy of the Pak Sar Zameen. When this mission will be successful completed then it remove the un-employment from the country.

(Source: BOI, Chairman Zubair Gillani):

Board of investment said that, Pakistan expects foreign support in the tourism sector. Because the government is focusing on the establishment of this sector on a priority basis.

Turkish (foreign direct investment):

The foreign direct investment is going to by the Turkish Government. It is one of the appreciate able and greats news for the Pakistan. The Turkish government will before long start a venture of aptitudes improvement in Pakistan. This isplanned for delivering a talented workforce for the neighborhood business of lodging and the travel industry, and much more.

“It is the first project of its kind in Pakistan launched by Turkey as it has special expertise in the sectors of hospitality and construction in the world”.

The foundation of a cutting-edge community for greatness in accommodation would guarantee that 1.5 million business openings are accessible every year for the talented workforce in the inn and the travel industry of Pakistan.

As per the NAVTTC information, as of now, the nation has in excess of 10,000 lodgings including three, four and five stars with in excess of 50,000 rooms, he included. The travel industry of Pakistan produces work open doors for around 1.5 million individuals. Which is 2.5 percent of the all-out business every year created.

Real Beauty:

No one, understand the right meaning, because Pakistan is one of the most beautiful in all over the world. But due to bad strategies or unstable politician, we destroy our real beauty. As we know our most beauty full place, northern areas including Swat, Galyat, Hazara region, and Gilgit-Baltistan, and according to our information. The PTA government planned to invite foreign investment in the country for establishing tourism zones in northern. The only purpose of the establishment is, one again builds real beauty, and outsiders once again enjoy and make the moments memorable as tourists prefer to buy Lahore To Karachi PIA Ticket Price as they will also prefer to go northern areas after the project completion.


It’s not just our government responsibility to rebuild our historical places, as a nation or Pakistanis. We should also care of these places, and when we saw any outsider must cooperate with them. Because once they happy and enjoy our culture. They definitely come back in the next few years with their friends and family.

Strong Economy:

One of the most important aspects of Pakistan is the economy. If we say our political leader fails in this task, so I don’t think so. It’s wrong because every political leader wants to build a strong economy but sometimes it’s possible but sometimes not. Now the important question is how we can make our economy strong? Travel and tourism as one of the world’s largest economic sectors, Travel & Tourism creates jobs, drives exports, and generates prosperity across the world.

The sector, comprised of a wide range of industries, aims to serve and support domestic, international, business and leisure visitors. Companies, large and small, in industries ranging from accommodation and transportation to food & beverage, retail and culture and sports & recreation, so, if we want to make our economy strong, we must build and courage outsiders must come to our country. Your good behavior with outsider helps to make our economy strong. And no doubt, Pakistanis are more hospitable as form other nations.

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