2018 might prove to be a big year for Microsoft; long rumoured Surface Phone has actually become a myth. Though the company never confirmed the device officially, it has been dropping hints that it would unveil a comeback device in 2018.

Not long ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that if the company planned to make a comeback in the mobile industry once more, it would be through a device completely different from anything on the market right now. Recently, Microsoft filed a patent for a device that indicates Microsoft’s statement is soon going to be true.

The latest patents of the Surface Phone were certainly different from anything in on the market. The filed patent suggests the device would feature a special hinge that would allow the device to fold in and out, creating a portable powerhouse that is indeed creative.

As noted in a ComputerWorld report, the design in Microsoft’s recent patents suggests of the XO 2.0 of the One Laptop Per Child initiative. The XO 2.0 was a variable touchscreen notebook concept that could be used in multiple different ways, such as a tablet, a book, a laptop, and a two-person mirror mode. Unfortunately for the XO 2.0, its design never saw the daylight.

The tech giant itself also came up with a foldable concept that was eventually dropped. Named the Microsoft Courier, the device could have been a game changer. The company might have been wise to forego the launch of the device then, essentially since the Courier might have been dropped down by inadequate internals and a substandard mobile operating system.

Microsoft’s plan to launch a variable mobile phone was recently created by designer David Breyer, who made a series of concept design featuring the company’s latest patents, as noted in a report from The Verge.

If the recent concept is any hint, it seems like the tech giant was true when it claimed the next Surface device would be a game changer. Keeping in mind that the device would have different multiple uses, there is a huge possibility that the device would reduce the sales of a popular segment of the industry: tablets.

We have seen a significant decrease in the popularity of tablets. Though the segment is somehow kept alive by devices such as the iPad Pro and the Google Pixel C. If the Surface Phone proved to be a multi-tasker, then there’s a good chance it would be one of the causes behind the decrease in the sales of tablets.


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