Suzuki Mega Suzuki Carry Pick up Xtra, this new pick up is the product of the development of the Mega Carry (top commercial vehicle variant with model pick-up). This is the new powerful option with high quality for small and big businesses. Presence of Mega Carry Xtra with a wider, bringing a wide range of advantages over and paint extra profits for you, the business person who crave a commercial means of transport more reliable and quality. Supported by a formidable machine, the care economy, resale prices are high, as well as easy it is to get spare parts or spare parts across some regions. Then, all the advantages of this are reflected in the slogan “Spacious, Xtra, and Profit”.

Vehicles for commercial use is a special kind of transport designed for work, therefore special conditions are put forward to it. For example, a vehicle should have a low starting cost, sufficient reliability, maintainability and lower cost of operation. Having chosen the transport corresponding to the described requirements, the entrance to business will become maximally comfortable, and payback will take minimum time. Demand for commercial vehicles in this country can rapidly increase with each day, month, and year. This is primarily due to the growth of small businesses. Businessmen choose the commercial New Cars to carry out on it inexpensive cargo transportation, to save on them and to receive profit.

Exterior and Interior:

Front Grill is wide on the outside of the engine temperature control, making it much better. The front bumper is comprised of 3 sections, allowing the replacement of components efficiently. Accompanied by Ground clearance, the distance from the ground, and tubs of water intakes of high floods, the road makes a hollow, and a splash of water is not commensurate to the Mega opponent Carry Xtra.

Tubs size 245 x 167 cm by 36.5 cm high and have a haulage 870kg, able to load large items and in large quantities. Design of the hot iron plate reinforced panels on the tub, was able to extend the life of the tub so that efficient care. Designed with a separate from the cabins make Mega Carry Xtra more easily corrected if there are damages in the tub. Mega Carry Xtra has an interior cabin and relieved with 2 headrests to ensure comfort during driving.


E/G SOHC engine with cylinder 1493 cc carried Mega Carry Xtra, able to produce optimal power 92.4/6000 (ps/rpm) and torque 126/3000 (Nm/rpm) and stay balanced despite the low machine on your lap. With a great performance, then Mega Carry Xtra does not require a lot of energy to produce optimal power and save money on fuel costs.

• Specifications

• Engine Displacement (CC): 1496

• Top Speed: 180kmph

• Max Power: 124 hp @ 6000 RPM

• Max Torque: 126 Nm @ 3000 RPM

• Transmission Type: Manual

• Gear/Speed: 5

• Trunk: 650L

• Max Cargo: 540 kg

• Wheels: Alloy Wheels

• Dimension: 4405 length x 1750 width x 1865 height

Should you buy?

The wider rear glass and reinforcement of the deck with iron plates are impressive points to grab the attention of the customers. This pick-up truck is optimized to help in multiple situations related to professionals. It offers you the power of convenience with impressive specifications. Front Grill Suzuki Carry Mega Xtra 2018 on the outside of the engine temperature control make it one of the best option. This truck consisting of 3 sections allow easy replacement of components efficiently. One more plus point, this also facilitates operation in road conditions that are not smooth.

This practical and efficient, not only that, the shape or design of truck, car carrier is suitable for those who developed the business with the mileage that is near or well. Being an option optimized to drive for road and off-road, we suggest you pick it up if you are a serious traveler in multiple cities in Pakistan.

The commercial transport market is a separate and very large-scale theme. If we take a look at other vehicles, there are the monsters of the market, there are “extras”, and all determine the carriers themselves, who can count ton-kilometers. This Suzuki’s vehicle can give you the best experience. This company has a wide history in this field with so many successful options and this new is expected to bag more profit for the company.

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