Though it’s terrifying, travellers are loving every bit of this weird tourist attraction in Brazil.

Pedra Que Engole, which roughly translates to “Swallow Rock,” is a rock formation with a small waterfall above a river in Trindade, about 170 miles south of Rio de Janeiro.

You have to let your body slide through a hole between these two rocks, letting the water itself slide you through until you disappear into a small, dark cave. It does seem like you are actually being swallowed by the rocks, as the name suggets.

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Once you are inside the dark cave, natural water will keep making you slide until you are ejected into the river below.

” A natureza não faz milagres, faz revelações” …

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You then hike back up in about 20 minutes and then repeat.

As terrifying as this trip sounds, tourists are loving it and giving insanely crazy reviews.

Pedra Que Engole has a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor, with tourists stamping it a “must-go” destination.

“I loved it so much I went three times! A MUST in Paraty,” wrote one reviewer.

“It’s awesome! It just literally swallows you! And then you swim underneath this big rock until you make it out of it. Did it twice,” wrote another.




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