Source: The News

Pakistan is one of the very few countries where the curse of Polio disease has not come to an end yet despite continuous efforts from the local governments and international health organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO).

In all this scenario when many powerful elements in rural areas always cause hurdles for vaccination teams, Syed Baqir Shah, a local hailing from Gilgit Baltistan is fighting on his own to help save his district’s children from the deadly polio disease.

He travels to far-off places along with other volunteers to vaccinate the children. He often has to travel for 15-20 kilometres on foot just to reach a village of hardly ten houses.

“I have travelled to many far-off places in the valley to vaccinate children. There is a small village, Hajichookha, nearly 10km from here… there are only eight houses in the area and it is not easily accessible. You can’t go there in a jeep or small car even though there is a link road…it hasn’t been built so far as to approach the area by car,” he said while giving an interview to a local newspaper.

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