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6 Symptoms of Panic Attacks that require your immediate attention

6 Symptoms of Panic Attacks that require your immediate attention

6 Symptoms of Panic Attacks that require your immediate attention
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Many panic attacks don’t look like panic attacks at all. They come on rapidly, and often at times that don’t seem to make sense. The symptoms of the panic disorder vary from person to person and even from attack to attack, for the same person. The problems listed below are not necessarily a case of panic attacks but it’s better to get in touch with a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

1. You’re losing control of yourself.

Feeling detached from yourself is one thing while feeling detached from the world is called derealization. Both forms of dissociation are bad but common signs that a panic attack has begun and that you need to take your mental health seriously.

2. You feel dizzy.

Automatic nervous system regulates many vital bodily functions like pumping blood all on its own. Panic attacks often manifest through the ANS, leading to decreased blood pressure or increased heart rate. This can lead to serious consequences.

3. You’re queasy.

Our digestive system is the first body part that understands that somethign is terribly wrong with the body. Panic sends stress hormones and tension to the gut and causes a serious distrubance in digestion process. This can cause nausea and heartburn.

4. You feel numb.

Pins and needles or numbness in a person’s hands or face can be a serious sign of panic attacks that you need to take care of right now.

5. You’re sweating badly.

Sweating is common in summers but if you are sweating badly then it could be a symptom of panic attack. Also, this device called Kunkun Body will  alert you whenever you sweat badly.

6. You can’t breathe easily.

Have trouble breathing, even in fresh air? That’s surely a bad sign even if it is not a panic attack.

So, what should you do? Firstly, take good care of yourself. Try to avoid unnecessary stress. Use these health apps to help technology take care of your health.

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