Destructive Marriages

Women staying in their unhappy and toxic marriages is something very ordinary. It has almost become habitual. I turn around and I can discern multiple women with eyes that have run dry, looking downcast and dispirited, once milky skin, now turned pale and has sunk deep. I can see their unhappiness in the way their shoulders fall, and the way they drag their feet home.

The question that comes to perception is that, why do they stay in their unhappy marriages?

Why Are Women Leaving Their Unhappy Marriages A Taboo?

If I talk about Traditional Pakistani Women, then marriage is something very sacred and cardinal for Pakistani people. Parents of the bride and the groom devise the marriage, in simpler words, an arranged marriage.

After marriage, the girl moves to her marital home. A great number of parents, advise their daughters to stay in their new houses, no matter what incidents take place. Some even command their daughters to stay in their houses even after they have been physically and mentally assaulted on numerous occasions. (Yes, you read it right.)

Divorce is a taboo and the gauge of a successful marriage, is a low divorce rate, arranged marriages appear to be more successful. This happens all across the world. But in reality, it just a helpless woman sacrificing herself. For the sake of her parent’s so-called respect which will terminate after she gets divorced.

Divorce – The end of respect?

It’s time to knock some sense into society. Ask yourself this simple string of questions. How can a girl’s divorce affect the respect of her parents? Is it the fault of the girl that her marital home didn’t treat her right? If she wasn’t treated right, and she ends up getting divorced, fingers should be pointed at her marital home, right? If she was brave enough to demand justice or divorce, that gives us a reason to respect her, right? Since when did divorce and respect start walking hand in hand? Since when did this law pass that a person divorced does not deserve respect?

Do you have any answer to these questions?

It’s high time we teach them to fight against all odds. It’s high time that we stop sacrificing our daughters in the name of respect.


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