In today’s world everything has become digital and its hard to not leave a digital footprint behind considering when Facebook and twitter becomes everyone’s diary and best friend. So many people rely on these reviews while going out to dine with friends or family. Its convenient to have customer reviews available at the click of a button.

The swots guide is popularly known as Pakistan’s  largest lifestyle forum from where you can get product reviews. SWOT’s caters to 40+ niches comprising food, travel, pets etc. Normal people can also engage with the posts through comments and they are free to upload their own reviews through this forum, this page has been easily simplifying the lives of many through detailed reviews and insights.

The positive aspect about swot is that it is an online community that is far more honest and real as opposed to the reviews posted by bloggers and journalists as most of those reviews are paid. Online forums have people reviewing food that they pay for themselves. Personally, I would take a negative review about a certain product more seriously than a positive review however there is an inherent problem in online groups such as these. Many friends and family members post fake reviews for their friends businesses which is a form of false marketing as there is no way of checking whether the review is original or fabricated. The problem that comes in here is that many people are psychologically hardwired to take information presented on social media platforms at face value.

SWOTS is an amazing platform for small scale startups and businesses that have a limited amount of funds available to market their products and this group has helped many individuals to jump start their businesses.

From the restaurants perspective making sure every single customer has an amazing experience may seem to be a daunting task. Restaurants claim that people have become more critical of services being offered over time its fine for big brands that are technologically savvy and can respond or give their perspective on the case but its career breaking for small brands that are not technologically savvy and have no idea of what is happening with them in the online world and why their sales are rapidly declining. There have also been cases where people have threatened to hold an eatery hostage over a bad review and have abused their position, this puts the restaurant in a sacrificing position which obviously no restaurant wants.

Another problem with sites like these is that moderation is an excessively difficult task. People tend to easily get aggressive and personal and this can be attributed to the fact that these groups have inexperienced people giving reviews. Conversations can easily turn hostile and personal and after a certain point things spin rapidly out of control.


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