Gone are the days when you had to depend upon a boring keyboard – QWERTY or touch- to type around on your device. Now has come a new wearable keyboard which you can carry along on your fingers to cut down your minute ‘hard work’ of tapping on a physical keyboard.

‘Tap’ is a wearable keyboard with mouse and Bluetooth attached with it with sensors on all the five fingers.

How it works? Well it is a series of limply connected sensors worn on the fingers which work simply when your tap your fingers on a solid surface. This maneuvering of fingers turns the motions into text inputs. The device runs very smoothly but ‘do we need this much of luxury?’ is the real question.

Source : CNET

This particular device do have a lot of features up its sleeve but the fact that having to carry it along everywhere you must, can be a little daunting. One of the key reasons why it failed to impress me is that in order to use this gadget one will have to remember each key on the keyboard. If you cannot remember the keys, typing will be very difficult for you. Also for many people typing with one hand is not ‘their thing’ so that’s when you will find it difficult using this gadget.

However it is too soon to pass any final verdicts on this gadget, we hope it pulls of the idea the company planned with it.

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