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Your not-so-beloved sarcastic emoji aka tears of joy emoji of all the time is losing its worth and we are umm… rolling on the floor laughing!

Times have changed and our emoji use is representing the deal. Everyone’s favorite (lol) tears of joy emoji whose job was to add the ‘OMG HILARIOUS! IM CRYING!!” effects to the conversations, has experienced a major falloff.

Whaaat? -Insert a laughing emoji-


Yes, according to Emojipedia, gone are the days when Tears of joy emoji was one of the most popular emojis used for all the miserable, sarcastic or sometimes legit laughter in between conversions. Now begins the age of its coked-up Dadaist cousin, the infamous ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing);


The story of these laughing emojis is pretty complicated and slightly absurd too. Tears of Joy emoji implied the user to actually reflect how the person is having a hilarious time of his life and the fun is intense (cuz tears ya’ know), while ROFL demands that you throw caution to the wind and embrace the chaos with absurdity-fueled arms.

And, well, the irony is, Tears of joy emoji is crying hard.

To have a better understanding of this insanely drastic change in the emoji game, a graph from Emojipedia is helping a lot to put things in perspective. Tears of Joy emoji is still going up high blowing away the rolls on the floor, clearly showing us the right direction of emoji winds.

Can't handle this much tears of joy fam,

Now, one notable thing about this latest news is that this data comes from emoji page views on Emojipedia — not, say, records of actual usage in text-based conversations. However, the site is doing a great job to explain why this is a good proxy, still, there isn’t any foolproof way to determine the trending game of any emoji.

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In the words of Emojipedia Editor in Chief, Jeremy Burge, “Emojipedia page view data tends to track fairly closely to usage on public platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and as such seems a reasonable method of determining popularity over time.”

Anyway, the times are still not over for TOJ emoji and I personally recommend you to stay away from rolling on the floor while laughing, because that heck isn’t really safe.

way to go 'tears of joy'


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