We’ve summed up a list of your everyday tech gadgets and cool gadgets. Cell phones let us interact with our loved ones but social media has become a bane of our life. Yes, admit it! Fitness controller always reminds us of moving which is irritating at times. But here are some tech gadgets you don’t have to pay extra attention to. They make your life easier instead of making it more complicated.

A Wireless Charger                                       

A wireless charger isn’t really wireless. A wireless device does need to be charged to charge any other phone but it’s less annoying because you just have to plug it into a wall somewhere. Just putting your phone on a charging pad is even better than plugging your microUSB cord into your phone and check every now and then if it’s charging properly.

For wireless charging, Anker PowerPort Qi is reliable for Qi-enabled phones just in $19.99.

A Multitool

Why waste your time finding a tool in the tool box when it can fit in your pocket? Yes, we’ve selected Leatherman Sidekick a perfect multitool for you which always comes handy just in $49.95. This is just one of the latest gadgets.

A NomadKey

Keeping a nomadkey with you is a lot better than taking lengthier wires in your pocket. The nomadkey (microUSB) costs $23.95 and nomadkey (Lightning) costs $39.86.

A Universal Remote

The universal remote reduces the clutter in your living room. It replaces the remotes of a game console, media streamer, receiver, Blu-ray player and many other devices. Logitech Harmony 650 makes it easier for you to control every device in your living room from a single remote. This is just one of the cool gadgets that you should get now.

Logitech Harmony 650 costs $39.99 and Logitech Harmony Home Control costs $89.

A Tile

Attach a tile with your important things that can be misplaced. Tile is a tracker that can notify you if your personal belongings are 100 feet away. Even a “Community Find” can help you find if your stuff is beyond 100 feet away.

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