Luxury Cars are heading their way toward more advanced technology. New Luxury Cars are now manufactured to offer more than comfortable driving experience and connectivity. The new and advanced technology combines data science with wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Hall of Mirrors

Luxurious cars now brings “Hall of Mirrors”. If you are a car lover, then this feature is the most amazing thing. Turning your car to your own liking, much is happening inside the car. The car connects to various data sensors that communicate with cloud-based applications. Data directs the seat to support your body or its GPS climate control feature can instinctively modify the cooling just on the drivers’ side. Such cars listens and reacts on the moment.

For Example Mercedes Maybach has the special feature for stressed drivers which encompasses of smart health system that encourages the driver to breathe.

It has another feature of ‘Attention Assist’, where the vehicle screens its driver, following eye line and shielding the driver from nodding off while driving. The auto screens the driver’s heartbeat, releases scents to calm the driver and travelers, alters sounds and surrounding lighting.

Enhanced Connectivity

Many luxury car manufacturers has upgraded their cars with enhanced connectivity. Such offerings include Apple CarPlay and Google StreetView. Drivers can have a look on trip insights, vehicle location, vehicle status and can have emergency assistance when needed.

Safety Is A Priority

Driving at night after a long and tough day can be pretty tiring . Few or no street lights can weaken our concentration that ultimately leads to the dangers of meeting road accidents.

Safety is major concern for drivers. BMW 7 Series is an excellent and innovative step in preserving the safety of drivers at night. It features night vision which lets drivers see through the dark streets.

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