Smart Home Tech is a necessity in the world of today. People consider having smart devices as an integral part of their homes. It is, therefore, more than a requirement for homeowners to implement smart home systems that make their home a human-friendly abode, helps them save a lot of money, adds convenience when it comes to handling home chores and, Moreover adds the safety factor to their homes. Here are a few technology implementations and additions that help you make your home smarter:


It is a low-power and less costly networking technology that gets users with several advantages for smart home technology. It helps you power items including Nest Learning Thermostat and Hue Smart Lightbulbs by Philips. If you have a WiFi connection at your place, ZigBee would work on a different frequency to avoid disruptions with other devices. it uses less power and provides users with a flexible frequency speed. It has a range of more than 30 ft which can be extended using the mesh technology.


This is almost similar to Z-Wave and powers less conventional smart home products like the smart garage, door openers, and smart locking systems. It uses low-frequency radio waves to avoid disruptions to your WiFi and guarantee the flow of information amidst different devices. it is open source and can operate between a range of over 300 ft between 2 devices.

Voice-based Assistants:

These smart home devices add a lot of convenience to our lives and people who are either elderly or travel a lot. These can help by helping you control lighting systems, thermostat and Television and even locks in your home.

These are a few devices that help you add more convenience and security to your life. If you’re someone who is looking for implementing a smarter home system in your home, it will add more value to your property apart from all the convenience and security it brings when you implement them.

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