Social media despite its power to engage has its own flaws.  Issues like privacy security, unwanted advertisements, the paid projection of content and overload of commercialism are just a few of the concerns. And it’s not the first time a new social app has promised to offer a different experience from the one we already have from apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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Recently, a newly emerging social app Vero is claiming the same. So far, it’s all good with Vero getting acknowledged by people around the world. Vero is a simple app designed somewhat on the theme of Instagram. It is a photo and link-sharing service with simple and effective privacy controls. Although, it is there since 2015, yet their current promises about no adverts, enhanced privacy, and timelines free of interference and no subscription fees for the first million users caused excitement to grow.  People who were already frustrated with the increasing amount of advertisement and privacy issues on Instagram, are shifting to Vero, hoping to give it all a fresh start.

But the question is, will it be able to sustain in the long run? The backdrops of the app are coming in front of the users already. Due to the overloaded new accounts on the app, it is getting slower and is not able to function properly. Some of the people who wish to make an account also complained about signing up issues. The app has been reported to be full of bugs as well which is a big problem as well. Also, there are chances that you will face a problem if you want to delete your account.

It seems that Vero has got the spotlight and the follower-ship it wanted but it is less likely to manage it well or worst, lose it all soon.

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