Announced with the Iphone XS Max at Apples September event the apple watch series 4 is the first-time apple has changed the design and size of the watch. The series 4 is a built up and improved version on the series 3 with its bigger screen and ceramic bottom (which is one more step towards making it hypoallergenic for everyone). One new addition into the series 4 is the ECG which monitors your heat beat and can send detailed reports to your physician.

The US tech giant has been promoting Apple watches as a health monitoring wearable for the past couple of years. The watch’s ability to monitor your heart rate has made it to be a potentially lifesaving device. The concept of fitness watches monitoring your heartbeat isn’t new but apple is the first of its kind to get medical validation. The apple watch has achieved the seal of approval from stanfords medical school, the US Food & Drug administration and Europe’s Conformite’ Europenne have both certified the ECG watch as meeting safety requirements.

The buttons on the watch have also undergone some modifications the digital crown has been thinned a tad and the grooves help in improving the grip meaning that its not hard to rotate. The new screen size reaches much closer to the edge and its rounded corners allow it to fit into the overall shape of the body. The extra space is used to add in more functions showing a bit of more information. In most watches the bigger size simply means that you can see more icons at once but watch apps are best when there are simple ways to access commands. Another cool feature that apple introduced is its OLED display which in simple words means that you can actually save battery by varying its framerate. Apple also claims that the speaker is 50% louder than on the previous version and voices are super clear and can be heard really easily.

So far the bigger screen isn’t being used properly but there is potential for it to be used in a better way. The watch has an 18 hour battery life which means that for an average user you only have to charge your watch once every 2-3 days. In conclusion this watch is better for everyone and with the addition of the ECG apple has changed the dynamics making the watch from an accessory that’s nice to have to an essential.

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