From reasonable price to amazing features, the new smartphone is a tough competition for others.

One might agree that the claim of Samsung for being the ‘World biggest smartphone user’, is somewhat reasonable. And with its latest flagship smartphone, Samsung is grabbing some serious limelight.

Behold! Android lovers in Pakistan, we have a really good news for you:

The show-stopper at Mobile World Congress is all set to catch attention in Pakistan. The two flagship phones can now be pre-ordered through Samsung’s official website.

Samsung lovers don’t need much explanation to grab the smartphone they were impatiently waiting for, but in case you’re a non-android person and more of a fruit lover (pun intended), then here’s why you REALLY need to make sense out of your obsession.

Here’s why Samsung Galaxy S9 is your new smartest smartphone:

Without creating much curiosity, it’s time to reveal those features of Samsung Galaxy S9 that makes it something worth buying.

Disclaimer: You don’t need to sell your kidney in order to purchase it.

Augmented Reality Feature; before an iPhone X user tells us how Apple did it earlier, here’s a stop to the argument, Samsung Galaxy’s AR feature is better when compared to iPhone’s. Like Apple’s ‘animoji’, the AR feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 allows users to animate emoji but it’s better because Samsung users can create a cartoon-ified version of the users as well.

Sleeker design: Samsung S9 revealed its sleek, slim and perfectly designed body, which indeed was just like Samsung Galaxy S8, but the correct placement of fingerprint sensor made it better than the previous flagship.

Better and cheaper: £999 iPhone X and £739 Samsung Galaxy S9, guess you know by now who is worth it for your money.

The two phones can be pre-booked from Samsung’s website, for a price of Rs. 103,000 and Rs. 114,000 respectively. Note that these prices are for the 64GB models for both S9 and S9+.

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