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The backbone of Sony, Kazuo Hirai will leave his reign. After serving good 6 years now Hirai is handing over his crown. The company decided to replace him with the Finance Chief, Kenichiro Yoshida.

Hirai took Sony to a great level. He is known to spend his entire career at the company. He initially joined the company’s music business and then made his way to the computer entertainment division. Hirai is the name who got enormous success on the launch of PlayStation.

When Hirai 57, joined as chief executive in 2012, Time when Sony was on a collapse. It was the period when Sony was facing no profit for straight 4 years and the share price fell to a huge level. Hirai’s first action was to put an end to the bleeding and he cut around ten thousand jobs, initially slowed losses in the TV’s and smartphone businesses. He then introduced electronic gadgets like PlayStation VR, relaunched Sony’s Artificial Intelligence dog Aibo. The cute robot that stole the presentation at CES Tech conference in Las Vegas, recently.

Hirai called the invention ‘Kando’, a Japanese word which means to inspire the heart and spirit. He won’t be leaving the company fully but will stay as a chairman.

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