The Drone Craze rages on providing Drone Tech companies to create new and innovative drones that are smarter and safe for use. The current drone innovation is based on the “Sense and Avoid” technology and is currently part of UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drones. Companies and manufacturers would avail new opportunities and different ways to implement this technology meeting the FFA regulations. Many drone companies are expanding horizons in the technology by adding up the advance feature of autopilot and new hardware designs. Here are a few Drones that you might want to look at:


This drone has an inflatable structure. It comes with a tear-resistant fabric that makes it more rugged and easy to carry through a folding mechanism. One can inflate this drone either manually or with the help of an electronic pump. It is water-proof and can land and take-off on a watery surface. This drone can be made ideal for search and rescue operations, industrial inspections and military missions.


DJI Spark:

DJI Spark has the best technology and features of its previous versions and encapsulates them into a small, easy to fly package. This Drone can be controlled via a mobile device or gestures. Stress is laid upon making Spark an extremely user-friendly device. The capacity to avoid obstacles cannot be found in any other quadcopter of the same size. Also, it has a flight time of more than 15 minutes, 12 Megapixel camera. It uses intelligent Flight modes like TapFly and ActiveTrack and can be paired with DJI goggles.

Cleo Drone:

This is the smallest drone of its class having a one of a kind donut design, this makes it easier for this little rascal to slip into your pocket or purse. You can control the drone using a smartphone app and has a 15 minutes flight time. Also, a 13 Megapixel camera is embedded in the device that can shoot up to 1080 videos and weighs around 2 ounces. This is one evidence of the technology shift trending towards small-sized and lightweight drones.


As technology will evolve, so there will be new trends and standards in drone technology and innovation. Drones will be part of daily lives with their new applications and influences in our daily lives. They are known to provide users with new experiences through advanced capabilities etc.

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