There are no hidden traits about the fact that world’s most famous websites such as Orkut, facebook, youtube and others have always been free for the public. Popular believe has it that their pivotal reputations are attributed by the fact that they are free. We’re long allergic to the policy of paying for what is necessary and that cuts the slack for “free” websites as well.

But the curious mind gets stricken to the thought that, why these sites are actually free? and how do they actually make money? Well, the answer is simple. They make money by selling our data to the advertisers. How? Listen to this. The number of videos you watch, pages you like, comments you write and even your private chats, all are being monetized by the online big brother in order to get analyzed and sell to the advertisers.

There was a case where a pregnant lady was bombarded by the new comer’s clothing advertise despite the fact that not even her friends and family knew about her expecting a child yet. This is how fast and absurd their approach is. In today date one of every six human being is online on Facebook and each of their data profile is being monetized and use for the very purpose. And that is how they make money with a business model of selling your privacy.

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