Social media like every other aspect of our lives, affects our personal will to stay fit as well. A new study has been done in this regard by the researchers of Texas State University and the University of Arizona. According to this new research, the more you see other people working out on social media the more worried you get about your own fitness. However, that fitness concern can give both, positive and negative results.

Associate Professor at the University of Arizona said,

“Our results were mixed. Good can come out of this, in the sense that it can make some people more interested in exercising and feel better about exercising, but it might make other people feel worse about themselves if they are more concerned with their weight.”

Researchers studied the behavior of 232 participants, who were told to see the various fitness oriented post. Afterwards, they found out that subjects mostly felt low after watching people doing better than themselves at workout.

Although researchers intend to research more on the topic, the study has been published in the journal of health communication.

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