Boeing, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers and product support services providers in the world has revealed its latest invention to the world, a: “unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) cargo air vehicle (CAV) prototype”

Boeing claims that their latest innovation took merely three months to build and could very well be the future of automatic flying aircrafts and unmanned delivery services. “We have an opportunity to really change air travel and transport, and we’ll look back on this day as a major step in that journey,” said Boeing’s chief technology officer Greg Hyslop.

The current CAV prototype has eight heavy duty rotors fitted upon it which give it the power necessary to hold a whopping 500 pounds. The body measures 15 feet in length, 18 feet in width and a mere 4 feet in height. However, Boeing has not revealed to the public important statistics such as flight time and battery consumption and capacity. It is still an achievement on Boeing’s part that a 740-pound drone can lift 500 pounds of cargo.

Whilst the design is still in prototype phase this is yet another move towards the digital age where tasks which previously required human labour such as postal delivery are being performed by machines. Are you ready for your next online purchase to be delivered by a drone?

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