Credits: Extreme Tech

Nokia made an appearance in one of the biggest Sci-fi movies of all time, The Matrix. Nokia 8110 was used by the directors, the Wachowski siblings, for Morpheous to contact Neo. The phone was also used as an action prop and to pop back and forth the Matrix and the real world.  Being used in one of cinema’s most significant and well-known movies made the 8110 a truly iconic phone. Now, Nokia is bringing it back!

Nokia, which fairly recently, made a return to the smartphone market hopes to use this as an effective PR stunt, such as the revived Nokia 3310 features, to help provide more awareness to their serious market competitors such as Nokia 8 and others. The 8110 is well remembered for its signature curvy design, giving it prestigious re-call value.

The announcement was recently made at MWC, HMD Global, where Nokia also revealed a plan for a bunch of new handsets. The 8110 is designed to be both nostalgic, to cater to its retro audience, but also attract new customers with a 4G feature along with other specifications.


Along with maintaining the classic look, users will also get access to Google Assistant, Maps, and Search, along with Facebook and Twitter. The best part? Snake is also there! After Nokia Asha series, this series is surely going to steal some attention.

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