Credits: Twitter

That is right, your eyes do not deceive you. Kentucky Fried Chicken has come up with a chicken wing box that transforms into a drone which comes along with a fully equipped kit with motors, rotors and an app of its own!

Now you must be asking, what business does a multinational fast food joint have with drones? Well this is just another one of KFC’s crazy PR tactics. KFC’s past is filled with such whacky campaigns such as the Extra Crispy Sunscreen. A tech item such as this drone is also nothing new from KFC, previous tech products include a chicken bucket photo printer, a terrible VR game from your nightmares and a Huawei KFC themed smartphone which was only released in China (God bless the person who actually bought this phone).

Credits: Android Central

Recently, the fried chicken giant announced to be releasing new chicken wing boxes that can be transformed into a Bluetooth quadcopter drone. KFC even released a ‘How to assemble’ video to help you transform your takeout dinner into a fully functioning drone! What’s better than having a finger licking good meal and follow it up with piloting a drone through your neighborhood?

One little detail that I must entertain you with, this bizarre PR campaign is only running in India. Sorry, anyone outside the country will not be able to get their hands on the KFC drone (or maybe you are glad it isn’t).

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