The World Cup has officially begun and the fans are hooked to the screen. The World Cup is being hosted by England and Wales being co-host for this year’s tournament. As per tradition all the captains of the teams visited Queen Elizabeth.

All the captains of other teams were dressed in suit and ties. While the Pakistani captain made headlines for his unconventional choice of dress to wear the Pakistani ‘shalwar kurta’ along with a green coat with a star pinned on the coat.

However the Pakistanis seem to be divided over the issue on social media. Some people support him and appreciate him on the terms that he promoted Pakistani dressing and carried his identity as a Pakistani by the choice of dressing.

While on the other hand, people are criticizing him for not following the official protocol and breaking the rules which have been set to be the same for everyone.

The discussion seems to be never-ending as all other debates on social media. Let us deal with the fancy rules and criticizing the captain for when he returns. We all should be glued to the screen as the boys in green perform their best- hopefully!


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