The South-Korean tech giant opted for curved display for its last year’s flagship like the Galaxy S8. Now the company is looking forward to bringing some innovation to make its devices look more futuristic.

The latest patent, found by the Dutch blog LetsGoDigital, uncovers Samsung’s multiple ideas regarding its future smartphone designs, sporting a display that wraps around both front and back of the device.

The patent was registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) on January 4 but was originally submitted on April 12, 2017. It consists of three device models with distinctive functionalities.

Here’s some of what the Koren giant may have for its future phones.

A right-curved display smartphone


The above image suggests a design of a smartphone that is curved from the right side all the way around. This means users would have the option to have a view from both sides of the phone.

Similar to how a smartphone can switch from portrait to landscape mode depending on how its held, this model can change viewing positions from front to back or vice versa depending on how the user is holding the phone.

Content can switch between rear and front displays


The second design suggests a display that wraps around the full body of a smartphone, but it has got sensors to detect from where the user is holding the phone. This particular design would allow the content to flip between front and back screens depending on how the user is holding the device.

Display curves under the bottom of the smartphone


The third design in the published patent suggests a smartphone with a display curving continuously under the bottom instead of around the side. LetsGoDigital noted here that Microsoft filed a patent for a similar design back in 2014, but has yet to unveil such a smartphone.

Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed any of these ideas yet. Instead, they showed a glimpse of the company’s plans for its future smartphone.

There is no guarantee whether smartphones with curved-display will ever see the daylight, but we have been hearing rumours about a folding smartphone Samsung is expected to release this year probably, and these patent designs are a good indication that we may soon have something from these designs in reality.


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