LG’s last year flagships, G6 and V30, were indeed really impressive phones, but they failed to stand out in the market. Likely a move to make an impact this year, a spokesperson for LG has confirmed that the tech giant will be moving on from its G-Series branding that’s been on the market since 2012 to go head-to-head with top rivals.

The change could be seen in the upcoming smartphone, which is expected to launch in “the first half” this year, and this might be the phone with the changes we were expecting to be called the LG G7. LG hasn’t revealed any specifics about the changes, but it has been confirmed that the company has an idea of a “two-digit number.”

This might sound confusing but in order to compete with market leaders in the industry, LG might have to let go its outdated smartphone series number such as the G7.

It is yet to be seen whether rebranding is what LG needs in order to compete with its rivals, but the tech giant has said that this isn’t anything new and that both companies “have done so for their own flagships” in the past.

What do you think the next flagship would be called?

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